Fight The Fat That Makes You Gain Weight With Boot Camp Exercise Programmed

Fight The Fat That Makes You Gain Weight With Boot Camp Exercise Programmed

I have been trying to lose weight for years without success.  The problem is that although I start off well on diet plans, I soon start falling back into my old bad habits.  I needed a weight loss exercise programmed that would really shake things up and help me to develop new healthy lifestyle for good.

Unachievable Goals

I realize now that one of the main problems I had with losing weight was that I was setting myself unreachable goals.  I love food and find it very difficult to stick to diets that significantly limit food intake.  It was also unrealistic of me to expect that I could look like a supermodel if I lost enough weight.

•The truth is my body has a solid build and had I ever achieved the unrealistic target weight I had set for myself I would have probably have looked quite ill and malnourished.

•After many years suffering from unhealthy expectations about my weight the turning point came when I read an article about boot camps.

•The fitness expert from the article discussed various body types and how best to work towards individual health.

•The expert suggested that if you do love food then a restrictive diet would never be suitable for you.

•It would just be too hard for you to stick to the minimal food intake and this would make it too tempting to stray.

• Instead the expert suggested that exercise would play a much more important role in weight loss.

• With the right weight loss exercise programmed you would be able to enjoy a reasonable intake of healthy foods and not feel as though you were starving yourself.

‘Ideal Weight’ Not for Everyone

This article also transformed my ideas about my ideal weight.  Before I had just thought about losing weight in terms of going down to the ideal super-skinny dress size.  The fitness expert explained that it was far better to strengthen and tone your body then worry about trying to achieve the modern obsession with super-skinny proportions.  A beautiful figure was one that offered a healthy looking and toned aspect.

With a healthy body you could dress to suit your body shape and not worry about whether you were the perfect size zero or not.  This article really inspired a new passion for getting my life and health in order.  I went online and looked up weight loss exercise programmed information straight away. I was determined to turn my life around and get the healthy, obesity free body I had always wanted.

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Group Training Encourages Success

I had never been very keen on exercises before I started my boot camp weight loss exercise programmed.  I realize now that the main problem was I was exercising alone and in non-stimulating environments.  I had no one to encourage me to keep exercising and I found going to the gym very boring.  No wonder I quickly lost interest and went back to my bad old lazy ways.

The great thing about my new boot camp weight loss exercise programmed was that it involved group-training.  This means you train with other people and work towards similar fitness goals.  This was a very positive and stimulating environment that really encouraged me to work hard and keep on track.

I also found having a personal fitness coach very beneficial.  I had thought about getting a personal trainer before but had never quite got around to it.  With the fitness coach I was able to explore the various exercises and activities available.  This helped me to develop a fitness programmed that I actually enjoyed. 

This made it so much easier to bring healthy exercise and activity into my everyday life and get rid of my old lazy ways for good.  For example, I found out I really enjoy group sports. I joined a local ladies hockey team and now spent most weekends involved in training or playing.  This has transformed the way I spend my free time and introduced me to a whole new set of friends.  Instead of ‘vegging out’ at the weekend I now get up early and get out in the fresh air for lots of healthy exercise.

I much prefer exercising out of doors over slogging away in the gym.  Instead of watching the clock praying for the fitness session to end, I actual enjoy myself when exercising outdoors. I look forward to cycling with my family or playing hockey with my team mates   I have also recently added free swimming to my weight loss exercise programmed. Free swimming is basically about swimming in natural environments like rivers and lakes. There are no nasty smelling chemicals or crowded pools to worry about and I love the fact you can get up close to nature. Outdoor exercise and activities helped me to keep going with my weight loss exercise programmed after my time in boot camp came to an end. Boot camp offered me the chance to develop a tailor-made weight loss exercise programmed.  This has changed my life and transformed me from a couch potato into a fit and active sports enthusiast!

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