What are the Uses and Advantages of Charpai or Cots

What are the Uses and Advantages of Charpai or Cots

The Charpai for sleeping is one of the best inventions of our ancestors. Didn’t our ancestors know how to split wood? If they wanted, they too could have made a double bed by ripping wood and making strips out of it. Making a simple double bed was no rocket science for him. They only had to hammer nails into the wooden strips. Even though the cot may look simply, but this too cannot be less than a science, it was made with a sensible thinking that how the body can get more rest.

Even today, cots are used for sleeping in the villages, after waking up after a hard day’s work, the stars give a refreshing feeling. Even after sitting in the office for the whole day in the city, the people in the village sleep on the Charpai with much more peace than they are not able to sleep comfortably on their double bed. No matter how many comfortable chairs you see in the world, they all have a bag like a Charpai. The old cradle of the children was only made of a cloth bag, now it has also been spoiled by making a wooden flat.

The texture of the Charpai

Making cots is also no less than an art. It has to be woven with fine rope and it takes brain and effort. The texture of the Charpai is such that if we sleep in it, the head and legs remain slightly raised, as well as the middle part of the body remains slightly flattened.

The Charpai is made of ropes in such a way that its structure can be carried by the luma. Most of the Charpai are made of wood or bass.

Benefits of sleeping on Charpai

By sleeping on the Charpai, sleep comes very quickly and well. When we sleep, the stomach needs more blood than the head and legs because people often sleep only after eating at night or in the afternoon. Stomach needs more blood for digestion. That’s why only a Charpai bag while sleeping can benefit this health.

Sleeping on the Charpai never causes back pain. In case of pain, it is advised to sleep on the Charpai . If the doctor prescribes bed rest to someone, then in two-three days, bed-soar starts by lying on the modern bed. Indian Charpai is very useful for such patients. Bed Soar does not happen on the Charpai because the air keeps on passing through it. By sleeping on a Charpai made of bamboo, the whole body automatically gets acupressure throughout the night.

Benefits of using Charpai

It is dark under the double bed, germs of disease thrive in it, it is heavy in weight, so cleaning cannot be done every day. Every morning the Charpai is set up and cleaned, sunlight is a great insecticide. Keeping the Charpai in the sun doesn’t even cause bedbugs etc.

The bed is kept every morning from the Charpai, so that dust or other bacteria do not grow in the bed throughout the day. The bed spread on the Charpai does not get hot even in the summer days, this is because the air keeps blowing from below.

When the bed is removed and kept standing after sleep, it occupies less space. In summer, the modern bed gets hot, so AC is needed more, while the heat is very less due to the wind blowing from below on the Sanatan cot.

Due to being light, it can be taken anywhere on the roof, sometimes in the courtyard. It is another pleasure to sleep on the terrace in summer with a cot. Fresh air, changing weather, shade of stars, coolness of moon fills life with enthusiasm. Every house should have a cot made of rope.

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