Wedding flowers and what they mean

Wedding flowers and what they mean

Getting flowers can sometimes be nerve wracking especially when it is for your wedding. To pick flowers for such a massive event, from the decoration to the bride’s bouquet every should look neatly tied together. To make it easy, here are some tips that can help you pick flowers based on what they mean. Commonly found flowers are easily available but if you want to take a step ahead and get unique flowers then sign up with jacksonville wedding florist to bring for you rare flowers for various occasions, easy planning and smooth installation as well. To begin with your flower decor, you must first have a theme, stick to it for a hassle free flower choice. Next up gather some inspiration, look it up on the internet and see what you like, decide a budget while making your dream wedding come true you definitely don’t want to break a bank, think about your outfits, yes you would need to day dream a little bit of how your flower will go with your wedding outfit.

Keeping it thoughtful and creative by picking flowers that resonate with you as a person-

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These beautiful flowers are an ideal flower for wedding flower arrangements. It looks elegant and adds grace to your bouquet. You can go with various shades of this flower like pink and white. Peonies symbolize love, honor, joy, romance and beauty.


A classic flower that represents eternal love, a flower that you can never go wrong with. Roses with their beautiful petals and wide variety of colors suit almost all brides. They make great center table flowers as well. Each color of rose symbolizes something new, red represents love, pink is for grace and white is for purity.


An unconventional flower for weddings, but a bright one indeed. If your theme is boho, beach or summer then Sunflowers will be a great addition. Sunflowers represent joy and confidence.


Another elegant flower that gives your arrangement a lovely extension, these detailed flowers symbolize charm, fertility, refinement and being thoughtful.

Wedding flowers: Ranunculus

If you want something like a rose but not a traditional rose, then this flower is for you. Ranunculus are cup-like flowers that have overlapping petals delicately intertwined into each other. These come in pretty shades of peach, white, pink and orange. These work well with other flowers as well so you can add them in your flower arrangement. These flowers symbolize charm and attraction.

Wedding flowers: Dahlias

A spring bloom, Dahlias are these fluffy and perfectly symmetrical flowers. These have the most interesting color combination, with ombre and gradient tones. Dahlias will bring color and light to your flower decor. Coming to what it means, Dahlia represents devotion, love and dignity.

Wedding flowers: Calla Lilies

These flowers are easy to find and you can get them at jacksonville florist. Calla Lilies look amazing, with their elongated cup like petals. They come in colors like white, purple, yellow, orange and lavender. You can create a whole bouquet with just these and it will look breathtakingly beautiful. Calla lilies also have a varied meaning but they generally symbolize life and fertility. 

Wedding flowers: Anemone

This works great as a filler flower, Anemone is a sweet and delicate flower. You will generally find them in white with a yellow, purple or green center. White Anemone symbolizes serenity, red ones mean love and purple means protection.

Wedding flowers: Baby Breath

This is a commonly used filler flower that gives a fluffy effect to your flower arrangement. This flower symbolizes forever love and innocence.

Wedding flowers: Camelia

If you like dainty flower arrangements and want to go for something sweet and simple, then Camelia flower is the right choice. Generally seen in bright pink, these flowers represent adoration, love and longing.

With Spencer florist best flower delivery in jacksonville fl get your wedding flowers delivered at your desired location. Choose from the wide variety or get it designed exclusively for your wedding.

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