4 Unconventional, Super-Fun Exercise

4 Unconventional, Super-Fun Exercise

Let’s stop running and walking for hours on end in the hope to become a skinnier and healthier you. Grab some fun equipment, travel to an exciting fitness center, or have the time of your life playing a new gaming or sporting craze with friends and loved ones. Before you know it, you will be looking forward to working out and even smiling your way through tasks that are more health beneficial than you might realize. Here are a few unconventional but highly efficient exercise.


It might take you back to your primary school days, or invoke the struggles of The Biggest Loser competitors battling out their circuit training – but hula-hooping is a fantastic addition to any exercise regime. The nature of hula-hooping is to keep the hoop rotating around your waist for as long as you can, which is a great way to extend the duration of this activity each session and reap its fantastic health benefits. Some benefits include the improvement of core stability, toning the gluts, abdominal, and that dreaded problem area – the inner thighs!

Wii Fit

You might get annoyed at your friends or family members for playing too much PlayStation, but did you realize joining in could actually be beneficial for you? Check out the myriad of Wii sports games available; there’s track and field, tennis, yoga and dancing (among many others), which do not seem like exercise at all! The great thing is that these games offer a lot of variety, and is a perfect way to reinvent gaming (long criticized for its sedentary nature) into an effective weight loss regime.

Ping pong

Have you been inspired by the Olympics to try sports you never thought would be executed at an elite level? Try ping pong – you will sweat it out, its gentle on your body, and everyone can play it! The great thing about this sport is that many health and fitness centers offer it – so if you’ve had enough after 20 minutes, you can hop on their trampolines, or basketball and tennis courts to create a circuit-like exercise routine.

Ultimate Frisbee

This. Game. Is. Awesome. Not only are you using a Frisbee, but it’s a seven-a-side team sport which will have you in stitches (in more than one way) after you become familiar with the rules. You can perfect some fun ‘snap’ and ‘hammer’ moves as the Frisbee is thrown down the field to other team members. You must try to avoid having the Frisbee intercepted by the opposing players. Running and throwing are sure to burn some calories, but you are improving some long-forgotten skills as well – hand eye coordination, your spatial awareness, and physical agility. Stay happy while keeping healthy with these fantastic and unconventional ways to workout. No longer is exercise a boring and uninspiring activity, but a way to laugh with friends, improve a great amount of physical skills, and a way to travel back to your better days with fun and engaging workout options!

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