4 Tips for Developing Good Workout Habits

4 Tips for Developing Good Workout Habits

As human beings, we are creatures of habit and our habits can lead to success or demise accordingly. One of the most important keys to successful workouts and fitness programs is to develop great workout habits and routines. So how do we first build these habits and maintain them? Here are some simple tips to get you into great workout habits and maintaining them.

Plot your course

When we first decide to start a new workout routine it is crucial that we plot our course, decide on the direction and work it into our busy schedules. Don’t bite off more than you can chew to start with and sit down with your schedule, decide what is going to be easily achievable, when the best times are for you and make the sessions regular. If you don’t go over the top to start with, you will find it much easier to stick with the program and good workout habits will develop. If you were going to drive over a long distance would you look at the map first? The simple answer is yes. Workout routines are no different and careful plotting and planning will minimize any backward steps.

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As creatures of habit, we generally work to a routine. This is true for every aspect of our everyday lives and careful attention should be paid to when you workout. Try and make it the same time every workout, either in the morning first thing, in the evening or at lunch time. It is extremely important that we get our bodies and minds in the routine of working out at the same time, this allows our bodies to get in the routine and we are more likely to stick at it. Most people find that working out in the morning is far more productive, they are more likely to stick to the habit and find it easier to stay motivated. It can often be difficult to find the motivation after you’ve had a long day at work, and this should be a consideration when planning your routine.


Do yourself a favor and place a carrot in front of your nose (metaphorically speaking, placing an actual carrot there would be silly!), give yourself something to build motivation. You need to write down your daily workout goals, weekly goals, monthly goals and your annual goals. Breaking your goals down into mini-goals and larger goals will assist you in developing motivation and great workout habits. After all, you need to know why you are doing something to achieve the most successful outcome. So sit down and write them out, place them on the fridge at home or a wall and constantly reassess them; you’ll find it will assist you to develop great workout habits.

Get a workout partner who already has the habits

I know this may sound a little like cheating, but it works. If you find a workout partner who already has great workout habits then you will develop them much quicker yourself. They will have an established routine that you will stick to, they will be driven already and their habits will ‘rub off’ onto you. This can have some negative effects though; if their habits are not great then you may develop bad habits too. You will need to find someone of a similar fitness level and someone who has similar fitness goals; this will ensure that you are both striving for the same end result. Choose your partner carefully and watch your habits grow.

Working out has many proven health benefits and developing good workout habits is essential to maintain your fitness regime. So, set yourself some goals, plot your course, choose a great workout partner and watch your body rip into shape.

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