Tips and tricks: 5 ways to save money when travelling!

Tips and tricks: 5 ways to save money when travelling!

Travelling is something tons of people enjoy to the point they make it an annual thing. This allows you to bond and spend time with loved ones, see new places, try new food and even experience different cultures.

But if there was one thing ‘not so’ great about travelling, it would have to be how much it costs. Which hasn’t really stopped most people from travelling today! But of course, there is always a way to make things suited to your liking.

There are many ways to travel more affordably without sacrificing fun, experience, or enjoyment! To help you out, below is a list of ways to do so! So what are you waiting for? Check the list out and have a great vacation without breaking the bank!

1 – Book everything in advanced

If you’ve ever travelled before, you’d know that the closer you are to the travel date, the more expensive the ticket is. So what you can do to get flights for a cheaper price, is to book in advance! The best time allowance would be 3 months before your desired travel date.

And if you’re travelling with family, this is twice as essential since booking a flight earlier can also mean being able to get seats beside one another. And the price difference between booking 3 months earlier and booking a week before is alarming.

And not only does this work for plane tickets, but also amusement park tickets, tour tickets, show tickets and so on. To show you how convenient it is to book in advance, here’s a list of reasons why you should:

What are the perks of booking tickets in advance?

  • Cheaper deals.
  • You get the luxury of picking out your seats.
  • You get to be seated beside your loved ones.
  • You’re sure you have a slot secured.
  • You have more time to get ready.
  • You have more time to save money.

2 – Consider staying in serviced apartments

Another way to save money but not skimp on comfort is staying in serviced apartments. These are much cheaper than quality hotels and are suited for family vacations, longer stays and so on. These also offer various amenities and perks you can enjoy as if you were staying in a hotel.

To give you an idea of what serviced apartments have to offer, here’s a list of property highlights from PS Edinburgh:

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What do serviced apartments usually offer?

  • PS Edinburgh has around 81 apartments
  • Free parking for checked-in guests
  • A quality elevator
  • A fully equipped kitchen
  • Is pet-friendly
  • Has free Wi-Fi
  • Offers to housekeep
  • Offers a contactless check-in option
  • Has luggage storage
  • Has a walk-in shower
  • Has a restaurant and grocery delivery
  • Offers an express check-out option
  • All rooms have blackout blinds
  • Offers a “book now, pay later” policy
  • Offers exclusive offers such as unique deals and discounts

3 – Do your research on places to eat beforehand

Looking for a place to eat is a tough decision to make, more so if you’re deciding in a different city, state or country. So to not settle with whatever place that’s near you or whatever place that’s available, consider doing your research on places to eat beforehand.

Having a list of places to eat can reduce the chances of eating at places you don’t like or eating at places that are out of your budget. Having a list can get you to try the food you actually want and can get you eating in place within your budget and so on.

So always come up with a list and make sure your list of places is near you and is accessible through simple commuting. You don’t wanna list down a place that’s an hour away, now do you? Plus through research, you can also find out the most recommended and tastiest restaurants to eat at.

4 – Bring a tumbler

Some places around the world sell bottled water at pretty pricey rates and when travelling, water is essential to keep you hydrated when exploring. So consider bringing around a tumbler and filling it up with mineral water you can find at lobby dispensers or restaurants.

Plus having a tumbler around can keep you from making extra purchases of bottled water when you’re out and about.

5 – Make sure to bring everything you need

Having everything you need for travel can minimize the purchasing of extra items. For instance, if you forget to bring your hygiene kit, this will mean you’ll have to buy new ones from the store, which is an extra expense.

So the day before you travel make sure to check all of your things. Having everything you need can help you save a bit more money that you could be spending on other important things.

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