Swimming Is Lifeguard Class Near Me

Swimming Is Lifeguard Class Near Me

Swimming is Lifeguard, is the Program developed by the Royal Spanish Swimming Federation to guarantee the quality of swimming teaching in Spain. It is designed to offer great advantages to all parties involved in the teaching process, both for schools and for monitors, for parents and, above all, for boys and girls, who are the real protagonists.

At Auto control Piscinas, our goal is to put you in contact with the best companies and professionals in the swimming pool sector. On this occasion, we want to introduce you to an innovative program that undoubtedly helps to improve our sector in terms of education and safety in the aquatic environment.

Fundamental Principles of the Swim is Lifeguard Program

1 Objectives

The main objective is to guarantee quality at the level of swimming teaching.

The enormous disparity that currently exists regarding the criteria and ways of applying the teaching of swimming in Spain raise the need to establish a system of homologation that serves as a guide for all the agents involved; schools or educational canters, monitors and parents.

Parents are involved in the learning process, offering them detailed information on the process that their children follow and letting them share in their successes, which helps to improve self-esteem and the relationship with their children.

2 Safety

The second most frequent cause of accidental death of children in Europe is drowning. This program has been designed to increase the safety and autonomy of younger children in the aquatic environment.

3 Consistency

Nadar es Vida has been designed to create uniformity in the teaching of swimming that is applied in schools and canters throughout Spain, providing elements that improve the daily activity of schools and instructors.

4 Motivation

The Program is based on a series of objectives that mark the progression in learning. Each level of progression has associated prizes, in the form of diplomas, which have been designed to motivate children to learn the proper techniques and procedures, as well as to encourage the sport of swimming among the little ones.

5 Social Responsibility

The number of deaths in Spain due to drowning in an aquatic environment during the summer months increases every year. On the other hand, childhood obesity in Spain is beginning to reach significant figures. According to a study published by the Thao Foundation, 28.3% of the child population, boys and girls between the ages of 3 and 12, are overweight.

6 Care and respect for the environment

Considering the teaching of swimming as a fundamental part of the formation of future responsible and conscientious adults, this program gives a comprehensive approach to learning to swim. Not only by improving their safety in the aquatic environment or helping them to acquire healthy lifestyle habits, but also by associating human values ​​with it. Thus, each of the awards or diplomas that make up this program has been related to an endangered marine animal.

7 Vision of continuous improvement

This Program has been conceived and designed under the concept of continuous improvement process, as one of the keys to its long-term success, identifying and defining all the processes involved in its implementation and development.

8 School swimming

School swimming is an important aspect in the learning process of younger children. Nadar es Vida includes a series of prizes intended mainly for this environment. School swimming and sports clubs that offer swimming as an extracurricular activity are the ideal environment for improving autonomy and therefore the safety of children in the aquatic environment.

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Structure of Learning Swimming is lifeguard

The learning process has been divided into three large blocks:

  • Approach
  • Learning
  • Improvement.

Each block, in turn, in different categories, and each category in different levels that allow the little ones to progress in learning.

The high number of levels and prizes that are included in the program may attract attention. To keep children motivated as they progress, it is necessary to manage certain periods of time between one reward and another. So that the boys and girls feel encouraged to continue attending classes and making an effort in their learning.

The Program has been designed taking into account these aspects, which are essential to maintain the motivation and enthusiasm of the little ones, rewarding their effort and dedication progressively.

There are also the category and complementary prizes, which are prizes designed for purposes and objectives that complement the category prizes, such as safety prizes, exit prizes or distance prizes, which allow us to focus on specific and complementary aspects. to the prizes by levels or basic competitions.

Schools and Centers Swimming is Lifeguard

The system endorsed by the RFEN constitutes a guarantee of quality for the lifeguard class near me they offer for the participating schools and centers. Thus, it becomes a competitive advantage over other centers, thanks to the adaptation of its classes to a model and structure endorsed by the RFEN. Swimming Is Lifeguard

The learning structure, as well as the categories and levels, are endowed with sufficient flexibility to be able to adapt to the greatest number of learning models and methodologies of swimming schools.

The awards in the form of certificates and badges are designed to stimulate and motivate children, encouraging them to stay longer in their swimming lessons. Swimming Is Lifeguard

At the same time, parents feel calmer and more confident by having a clear vision of what their child’s progress is.

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