Six Month Smiles for The People of London

Six Month Smiles for The People of London

The first thing we notice in a person is his smiles. Hence everyone wants to have a beautiful smile but everyone is not lucky to have it. This is where a dentist comes to help. Everyone wants to look good but at the same time money is a big factor. Many cannot afford to spend money on cosmetic treatment after paying all the personal bills. Six Month Smile braces is a new concept so I would request you to give a read and you will get to know about it.

What is a Six-Month Smiles?

This treatment is for people who are 16 or above and want to have proper teeth settings. any general dentist can handle this treatment who is working in this field for quite some time. The dentist will take the impression of the present teeth settings of the user and send them to get a patient tray kit. This kit has brackets that are made with the help of the latest technology and also have materials which the user will need like ligatures and wires. These adult Invisalign braces are for patients who want to have straight teeth and at the same time, they should not cost much. 

This treatment is quick and really effective and it will defiantly close the gaps between two teeth. It focuses more on the front teeth and this starts working from the very first day of wearing the braces. People who are using it say that it is comfortable and maintaining it is not an issue. The only suggestion which a professional dentist will give for this treatment is to wear it all the time. You can definitely eat anything wearing them but make sure to rinse your mouth immediately. 

Advantages of the Six-Month Smiles are: –

  • The braces are invisible
  • The cost of these braces is less expensive than others
  • A patient needs to visit the dentist’s clinic for a short period of time
  • Regular check-up is not necessary
  • Good for patients whose cases are not mild
  • Last but not least the processing time of this treatment is quite quick

The before and after pictures on the internet for this treatment look good but one or the other person might have a problem. A significant problem with the teeth setting is not solved through this treatment. If there is a slight spacing problem or crowding of the front teeth then it will be easily solved. Results will surely differ for each patient.

The cons of Six-Month Smiles are:

  • It cannot improvise the bite as in during the time of chewing food items. Unfortunately, sometimes it can make the bite worse. 
  • The cost of this treatment is not drastically different from the traditional orthodontic treatment. The price could be a little less but not much
  • Young children cannot avail of this treatment as it is for people above 16 years

If you are staying in London right now then come to the Chatfield Dental Braces. We have officials who will discuss this treatment with you. They will take pictures of your present teeth settings and will show you how your teeth will look after the treatment. You will get a fair idea of how your teeth will look after 6 months. Think about it twice before investing in this treatment. 

At Chatfield Dental Braces, we understand the adult generation has financial commitments. However, This treatment will definitely change the look of your teeth only if you listen to our dentists diligently. We do have dental hygienists at our clinic who will guide you properly. If payment is an issue then avail of our instalment facility this will surely help you.  The treatment might be too good to be true but it does happen and the people of London are going for it. Straightening teeth is a complex procedure and it takes years. However, this treatment will bring about a few changes that will definitely change your looks. The Six-Month Smile braces in London are more appealing to college students who cannot afford something very costly.

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