Few basic rug cleaning tips for you

Few basic rug cleaning tips for you

When you inherit an old antique rug as an heirloom you know there is a huge responsibility placed on your shoulder. You should take proper care of it without any break and help it maintain its look and feel. Care and maintenance of antique carpets are no less an investment. In the following sections of the blog post let us explore few tried and tested tips related to proper cleaning and maintenance of carpets. This will help you take the right steps in extending the life of your prized carpets and rug cleaning.

Let us start with a sort of awareness call. As far as Persian rugs are concerned certain items are too fragile. The range of items is made from materials that are easily prone to damage. These materials mostly include silk and certain types of dye. If you are not confident that you can clean a rug cleaning properly without damaging it then it is best to handover the responsibilities to a rug cleaning professional. 

That apart all categories of Oriental rugs including the Persian ones need to be cleaned by professionals at least once in every ten years. This is important to preserve the rug longer in a fine condition as well as extend the life of the item for years together. Trained and experienced professionals dealing in rug cleaning near me over the years have something important to say in the ongoing context. According to them professional cleaning invariably proves effective remove deep layers of fine dust from a carpet that surface cleaning fail to remove. On the other hand, even a minor and negligible damage to a Persian carpet must be mended quickly without any unnecessary delay. Else the small damage will only keep growing into a larger one.

When day to day maintenance is concerned

When day to day maintenance is concerned make sure your rug is brushed or vacuumed regularly. If it is vacuumed only the appliance that facilitates suction is to be used. Regular brushing or vacuuming is helpful preventing dust and grit build-ups on your carpets. These dirt and grit build-ups prove damaging for carpets in course of time.

It is also important to rotate a rug or carpet on occasions. This evens out the worn areas if any. More if any sun faded unevenness is taking place, then that too is automatically taken care of through rotational use of a carpet. You should always vacuum the back of you rugs and carpets. It keeps your décor item free from dust. This way you can also prevents moths thriving on your carpet.

Try not to place any heavy furniture on rugs and carpets. If that is absolutely unavoidable then do not forget placing casters under the feet. Try not to walk on your carpets with shoes on. This way you can keep dirt, dust, harmful microbes, allergens and other contaminants away from your carpet. It also helps maintaining a healthy and hygienic environment across your indoors. While walking on carpets always use indoor slippers or sandals to keep your feet cosy and the rug clean at the same time. 

Avoid damp, heat and direct sunlight on your oriental carpets

As far as Oriental carpets and rugs are concerned dampness proves unbelievably damaging. The entire range of décor items is made from natural and organic constituents like silk, cotton or wool. These items are easily prone to rotting when exposed to dampness. Particularly wool is known to shrink in dampness. Therefore, it is important that wool carpets are not left wet for hours at a stretch.

Intense heat is also damaging for oriental rugs. It results in drying out of the natural oil present in the fabric. Thus, your prized and precious carpet may turn brittle and weak. So do not ever place your carpets in front of an open fire. Experts who deal in rug cleaning in north London suggest never use heat dryers on carpets and rugs for quick drying after a thorough cleaning.

When rugs and carpets are exposed to direct sunlight their colours fade away. Moreover, direct sunlight can also damage the piles and reduce the lifespan of your carpets by years. So, it is necessary to block direct sunlight entering your room. You may place curtains or blinds on your windows to keep the direct sunrays away. This way you can also perform tasteful window dressing.

It is important to pay attention to rug placement. When you place a rug carefully in the right position it becomes to rotate it from time to time. Remember when a carpet gets faded overall it may wear a soft and muted appearance. But when there is contrast fading it never looks as good and appealing.

Golden rules to maintain your carpets properly

  • Never panic but always be prompt and fast. You should never wait till the last guest has left and then start cleaning the carpet. The majority of stains that occur on rugs are easier to get rid of if you swing into action immediately after a spillage.
  • Avoid using a knife or any other sharp tool to removing any kind of debris or residue from carpets. That way you may easily end up damaging the pile.
  • If you have to scoop a solid debris or residue off your carpet, do it with a spoon. Even scooping off liquids should also be done with a spoon.
  • If you have to deal with a lot of semi solid or liquid spillage then rely on a spoon. Carefully try to remove as such of the substance as possible but never try pressing down on the carpet. That way you will push the substance deeper into the fabric.
  • While removing a liquid stain you should never use coloured paper towels or pieces of cloth. Always make use of white pieces of cloth or white paper towels in those circumstances. The colour may pass into the carpet through the coloured paper towels or cloth pieces.
  • You should never ever attempt scrubbing or brushing any stain from a carpet. In the opinion of skilled and experienced professionals working in Vip Carpet Cleaning London Ltd scrubbing and brushing will only deteriorate then situation.
  • Always test a stain removal before you actually use it. It is better not to use any commercially manufactured stain removers. But in case you do you must be careful and cautious. First read the label carefully. Then apply a very little amount of the product to an inconspicuous potion of the carpet. Leave it for some time to check whether it is bleeding colours. If there is no colour bleeding then you are sure it is possible applying the product to a larger area of carpet without any risk.

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