Naturally Reduce Oily Skin

Naturally Reduce Oily Skin

There are many treatments available for oily skin in the market. If you want, you can get all of them done, but not everyone can afford it regularly . As per the old practice, you can naturally reduce oily skin at home. It has a late effect, but it has an effect from within. In no time your problem will be over from the root. Let us  know how naturally reduce oily skin-

1.Curd beneficial for oily skin

Curd is the best face pack not only to eat but also to apply. It can be applied from normal to dry and oily skin, but it is most beneficial on oily skin. Let us tell you that the lactic acid present in it, apart from keeping the skin oil-free, also makes it glowing. People of oily skin apply it by mixing it with gram flour, then it will keep the skin thin and youthful.

2.Oatmeal to get relief from oily skin

Like curd, oatmeal is also beneficial for both skin and health. It is able to stop the excessive production of sebum. It is antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. It is also a great face scrub. For oily skin, mix it with green tea water and apply. Applying twice a week will make your oily skin glow.

3.Turmeric Mixture Beneficial for Oily Skin 

Turmeric is antibacterial. You must be aware that it is advised to drink turmeric milk when we get hurt on our big body. Turmeric paste is also applied on the injured place, so that it can protect from any kind of infection. A mixture of turmeric and milk works as a panacea on oily skin. If your skin is very oily, then mix it with rose water and apply. It will tone your skin and make it glowing as well.

4.Lemon Beneficial for Oily Skin-

Lemon is rich in Vitamin-C. Being citric acid, it acts as an astringent. Mix a cotton ball with lemon juice and distilled water and keep it on the face for some time. Do this process at least twice a week. The skin will become like baby skin.

5.Honey gets rid of oily skin

Honey is antibacterial and antiseptic. The more taste is there in eating it, the more it is beneficial to apply it on the face. Honey also has cleansing properties, which cleanse the skin from within. Mix it with milk and almond paste and apply it on the face, the face will bloom in 10 minutes.

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