Lanvin Marry Me 75ML Eau De Parfum

Lanvin Marry Me 75ML Eau De Parfum

During the summer of 2010, Lanvin released a new fragrance called Marry Me. This is a light floral scent that has a touch of lemon and jasmine. In addition to this, it has floral heart and base notes.

About the fragrance

Ylang Ylang perfume is a very pretty and light perfume. It has a very soft, subtle floral fruity scent, and comes into its own after an hour or so. It is a great fragrance for women who are young. It is very feminine and fresh.

Its base notes are vanilla and sandalwood. It has a very sweet and fruity aroma, and its top notes are ylang ylang and jasmine. It is a great perfume for daytime wear. You can apply it on your pulse points (your neck, shoulder, inner elbow, knee, ankles, wrist), as well as your body. It is a very sweet, romantic scent.

Lanvin Marry Me is a perfume that was released in August 2010. It is a romantic and sweet scent, and is a perfect way to celebrate your love for each other. It is a sweet, delicate, and floral eau de parfum, and is the perfect perfume for a romantic day. You can purchase Lanvin Marry Me 75ML Eau De Parfum at a number of stores, including, and you can learn more about Lanvin Marry Me perfume here.

Lanvin Marry Me Eau de Parfum is a great choice for women looking for a perfume that will make them feel good about themselves, and that they can wear to almost any occasion. You will not find a more elegant perfume for everyday use.

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Directions for use

Founded in 1889, Lanvin is a French fashion house that specializes in high-end fashion, accessories, and perfumes. Since then, the company has captured the hearts of women everywhere. Originally, the label offered only fashion, but in more recent years, the brand has added a line of fragrances. The latest offering is Lanvin Marry Me, which is a floral concoction infused with joie de vivre.

The scent is described as a bouquet of flowers that include lilac, peach, and peony. Its base is a harmonious blend of musk and cedar wood. A close look at the bottle reveals a bow-shaped top. The Lanvin Marry Me 75ML Eau De Parfum is available on the internet for $225. This is a great deal for such an indulgence.

Whether you are looking to impress your date or simply want to feel good about yourself, the Lanvin Marry Me 75ML Eau de Parfum will not disappoint. Its dazzling scent will be sure to make you stand out from the crowd. It is also worth noting that the company makes a wide range of fragrances, which are all elegant and timeless.


Presented in the form of a scented stick, Lanvin Marry Me Eau de Parfum is an exciting and seductive fragrance that promises to make you stand out from the crowd. The best part is that the eau de parfum will last for at least 6 hours. It is also a great choice for everyday wear. This fragrance is the perfect combination of sweet and sexy.

As with most Lanvin fragrances, the Marry Me Eau de parfum has a unique scent that will surely make you stand out from the crowd. The scent was designed with a woman in mind, as it follows her like a shadow. The eau de parfum is also a good choice for sensitive skin. The most expensive variant of the fragrance is the opulent, which features a more luxurious scent. The perfumer in question, Antoine Maisondieu, has a penchant for floral notes, as evidenced by the triumvirate of fuchsia pink, lavender and bergamot.

There’s not much more to say except that this is an eau de parfum worth its price. It is the Lanvin of fragrances.

A declaration of love in the form of a perfume

Designed as a fragrance for women, Cartier’s declaration of love was a smash hit in the late 1990s. It pre-empted a number of new masculines that flooded the market and was a huge influencer in the fragrance world. Its success also prompted other major players to create their own versions. In 2003, Cartier released the limited-edition Declaration Eau Generous. Its formula was inspired by the classic aromatic cologne, and contains ingredients such as moss, cedar, cumin, birchwood and the alluring floral scent of jasmine.

One of the most popular women’s fragrances of recent years, Marry Me combines a sweet scent with the good ol’ fashioned female lingo. Its name is a play on the Lanvin wedding dress, and the perfume is a perfect combination of femininity and gentle dreams of love. This is a scent that will linger in your mind, and a must try for any woman who loves floral and fruity fragrances.

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