Is Buying YouTube Subscribers Worth It

Is Buying YouTube Subscribers Worth It

Youtube is the most well-known and popular video streaming platform in the world. At this point, it is pretty clear that YouTube is a very profitable and legitimate business model. Every day, we see YouTubers hitting different milestones in this video streaming platform. To enter this platform, an individual must have a YouTube Channel in which they are constantly putting videos daily or at least weekly. “YouTube Subscribers”

To fulfill the demands to generate monetary benefits, YouTubers sometimes buy subscribers or views. But purchasing subscribers for youtube is against the policy of the platform. If any such activity is caught by the system of Youtube, it might lead the channel to be terminated. Apart from that, it might ruin the channel’s reputation as well as business. This is the reason why prior research is crucial because the bots are simply tracked by the system of  YouTube.

Why Do YouTubers Buy Subscribers? 

Youtubers purchase YouTube subscribers so as to increase the number of their natural subscribers. When it comes to YouTube, the visibility of the channel matters a lot. When subscribers visit a particular channel with a very small number of subscribers, they tend to form an image that depicts the channel as boring or useless.  Also, if a YouTuber shares up-to-scratch content and then buy 100 YouTube subscribers, they will have a lot higher chance of increasing the organic flow in their channel. It will also make your channel more engaging and appealing to the viewers, and they will then eventually subscribe.

A channel with a good number of subscribers looks legitimate to the viewers. Many channels upload the same content as viewers want, but when they have to choose the channel they want to subscribe to, the most liked preference becomes the channel with the highest number of people who have subscribed, as it seems more successful. 

Is It Worth It, And What Consequences?

Purchasing subscribers should be a one-time thing and a small boost for any channel. But the most important thing is finding a legitimate company that can provide this service. They must follow the rules and policies of YouTube. They should be 100% legitimate and compliant with the terms of YouTube. Fraudulent companies that offer fake bot subscribers will provide you with fake subscribers that will lead to channel termination.

The algorithm of YouTube is smart, and if they notice a huge and sudden increase in the number of subscribers, they may take action against the channel. The algorithm is sharp and can easily find when subscribers are being artificially increased. Due to this, any YouTuber is at the risk of having their account suspended or even banned. Also, if you buy bots or a bunch of fake accounts to subscribe to your channel, the algorithm of Youtube is unlikely to engage with the content you post. The less view time any channel gets, the less likely the video will be found floating on searches on Youtube.

And above all, Youtube values retention time more than the views any video has or the number of subscribers the channel has. Bot or fake subscribers has no benefit in the long run. Also, in the current algorithm system of YouTube, a channel needs to have active subscribers who actually watch the videos that are being posted on the channel.

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