5 iPhone Apps That Help You to Weight Lose

5 iPhone Apps That Help You to Weight Lose

You have possibly heard this phrase “there’s an app for everything.” For any task that one can imagine, the statement always proves true. You can have access to videos of workouts, virtual personal trainers, calorie logs or any other type of helpful features which will help you to reach your goals in weight loss. Check these apps and then settle on one that can get you closer to your target weight.

Food Scanner

This app utilizes the camera of your iPhone in scanning UPC bar codes on the food which you eat during the day. It registers calories automatically alongside other nutrition-based information, including every item that you feed on, and will log them.

Therefore, you will be capable of keeping a running count. It is the simplest and fastest way of keeping track of the calories. In case the scanner fails to work, you have an option of typing and searching for foods. There is an option of entering new foods yourself and even upload photos plus bar codes.

Calorie Counter and Diet

This diet app supplies its users with a calorie counter that is easy to use. Its database has 1.1 million foods; it syncs with the Internet in a full way. This offers you a chance of accessing your information through a phone or a computer. Those with no access to the internet have found this app terrific due to the apps availability offline. It is possible to be connected to friends and other members for encouragement and motivation. There are exercise plans supplied. Have a closer look at the nutritional summary then update your measurement and weight every night.

Fitness Buddy

With more than 1,700 exercises within the database, the app claims that several individuals give up their different gym memberships. For all major equipment, an exercise is provided. You can choose a workout based on the particular body area you wish to target like the arms, back or core. There are graphs for tracking the progress and to encourage motivation.

Fat Secret

The app is a calorie counter but provides few unique features. An exercise and food diary will be supplied for keeping track of the eaten and burnt calories. A diet calendar is also available. You can use it to watch the fluctuation of the progress with time. Use the app’s journal part to enter your feelings and thought so as to have a record of the emotional journey associated with weight loss along with physical transformation. A large database consisting of ideas and recipes for the meals is also offered.

Nike + GPS

Map the runs then keep track of any progress with this app. The sensor is not a necessity while tracking workouts with the iPhone held in your hands. There is an option of designating your favorite song as the power song. If you find yourself losing energy and wishing to quit, hit the power song button to obtain instant revitalization. Share the run with friends to gain encouragement or join a Nike tag game to race.

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