How to Get ITC Distributorship in India

<strong>How to Get ITC Distributorship in India</strong>

ITC is a well-known brand with products ranging from FMCG to the hotels. Needless to say, it is one of the top brands in the FMGC sector. That is the reason entrepreneurs are so keen to get ITC distributorship. This article intends to discuss various factors relating to cost, profit and investment for getting the distributorship of the reputed brand. However, you must understand that it offers assured monthly returns. It will an added advantage if you have got experience of retailing FMCG products.

Beginning is the right time to introduce my qualifications and expertise. Decidedly, it will make it easier for you to act on my suggestions. It is so as you will know that they are coming from expertise and are okay to follow. After finishing my degree in management, I got an opportunity to start my job as a sales trainee at one of leading oxygen plant manufacturer company in India. I managed their sales both domestic and international for five years. Thereafter, I got the offer from a reputed FMGC company. Here I worked for more than 20 years.

After resigning from the top FMGC company, I set up my as an independent consultant. I have decades of experience and now my focus is on preparing next generation entrepreneurs. My specialization is in FMGC businesses though the fundamentals of businesses remain same. Over the years I have helped many businessmen to erect successful enterprises.

How Does the ITC Distributorship Work?

ITC offers distributorship to the experienced businesses. Naturally, the company wants to ensure that the business have the required infrastructure and financial background to invest in the business. Starting such business needs a lot of money. In other words, you pay a certain fee to get the wholesale business for a certain area. No wonder, ITC products are in great demand as it is one of the most sought after brand in its category.

After becoming a distributorship, your job will be to supply ITC products to various dealerships and retailers in your area. Distributor will have the responsibility for creating distribution networks for ease of supply.  There are many other responsibilities you must manage. Besides, you will manage activities such as inventory, and coordination. Advertising and marketing will also form an important task for distributorships. It is also your job to see that sales keep on increasing.

Even as ITC is a trusted brand still you need to work to increase your sales. Moreover, the company also offers ITC dealerships. They sell ITC products straight to the consumers. And, it is the job of distributors to supply ITC products to the dealerships who then sell to the consumers. However, it is important for dealerships to open either a physical store or an online store. However, it is their job to ensure their stores has all the products enjoying high demand.

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The globally recognized FMGC Company has acquired market in over 150 countries. With listing in Nation Stock Exchange of India, the market capitalization of the company is amongst the top 5 companies in India. Over the years, the FMCG giant has got many prestigious awards for its amazing corporate governance. As part of the esteemed company, it is important that you follow their processes, terms and conditions.

Benefits of Becoming an ITC Distributor

There are many advantages of becoming distributor of ITC. If you are looking for starting a reliable business, starting the distributorship is the best option. Certainly, it will provide you with a credible source for earning decent monthly income. And, it will help you to enjoy an excellent lifestyle. Following are some of the best benefits:

Reputed Brand

Everybody knows ITC brand as belonging to the top 5 in the country. Its credibility, penchant for quality, and optimism for the future are some of the factors customers associate the ITC brand with.

Support and Training

At the time of applying for ITC distributorship, the company executives will explain in detail how they will support your endeavor. The company will also arrange for proper training so that you will be able to manage all your responsibilities.

Efficient Business Model

ITC follows very efficient and highly effective processes for growing their business. And, you will do well if you comply with their methodologies and procedures for structuring your work.


As an ITC distributor, you will operate it as your own business, which it is. And, you will also enjoy the support of the FMGC major. There are numerous other IT resources that you can use for improving your sales revenue. Ultimately, your profitability depends on how much sales you generate every month.

 Scope for Business

There is huge scope for business as ITC is a nationally respected brand. The leading brand has got a huge base of loyal customers. Moreover, the leading FMGC brand is running advertising in all the well-known news and entertainment channels for staying in the memory of customers. So, you do not need to worry as you will continue to get customers.

How to Apply for an ITC Distributorship

ITC has strict criteria for awarding distributorship to the eligible candidates. All of their procedures are transparent. It is imperative that you contact the company representative for getting the requirements for application. Before applying, it is important that you go through all the relevant information. And, you must make sure that the business opportunity suits your skills, interests and financial background.

After your application is successful, you must carefully read the agreement. Moreover, you must also understand terms and conditions including fee, royalties and numerous other expenses. The company will also arrange for a face-to-face interview. They will look to understand your long-term goals and knowledge of the business. It is a perfect opportunity for you to ask questions and clear doubts.

Setting Up Your Distributorship

After successful processing, ITC will arrange a training module for you. It is mandatory for all successful distributors to complete their training program. However, training will mainly focus on acquainting you with the products, systems and processes of the company. They will also advise on the choice of location and inventory management.

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