What is the healthiest diet and exercise plan I can follow to improve my health?

What is the healthiest diet and exercise plan I can follow to improve my health?

It is always best to improve your diet before venturing into exercise. A healthy diet builds your inner strength and resilience by boosting your skeletal strength (bones and joints), muscular fuel supply, efficient and effective hydration within the body’s cells and membranes, immunity systems, neurological systems and nutrient absorption (bowels). A healthy diet will also improve liver function, kidney function, urology, cardiovascular health, pulmonary health and fight off diseases and a variety of cancers.

Healthy Eating Diet

 The healthiest diet plan you could do at 52 (or any age) is a low carb high nutrient plan rich in essential macros (fats, proteins, carbs) and micro nutrients (vitamins and minerals). This must be a balanced diet that is high in vitamins and minerals for the vast variety of physiological processes within the body. The diet MUST be varied enough to incorporate the vast array of antioxidants we need for systemic cleansing, rejuvenation, immunity, absorption / metabolic and pneumological functions.

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Carbohydrates need to be kept to a minimum (sufficient to provide electrolytes for hydration). As a 58-year-old I know the preconceived conditioning were were put under that bread etc. was healthy – it is not. Avoid (or at least reduce by 75%) the consumption of wheat-based products – bread, cakes, pasties, sweet pastries and pies AND potatoes. Potatoes are starch rich and also come with a potentially deadly toxin. [My partner and I have reduced our carb intake to a minimum and she (a disabled T1 diabetic with nephropathy) is now losing weight steadily due to a low carb / healthier eating plan.


These are essential for maintaining muscle mass and other vital functions within the body. Proteins need not be provided by meat alone. Cucumber for example, provides a variety of amino acids that the body can use to create a variety of proteins for use around the body. Protein sources also provide a wider variety of beneficial nutrients depending on the source. Ie beef / steak also provides iron, Vit B12 (to support your folate intake)

Fats and Essential Fatty Acids

These are also essential in a healthy eating diet. Fats have been proven necessary for – lung health, cellular membranes health, brain health and cognitive function, immune system. Cardiovascular health (heart) and provide a supply of HDL cholesterol which actually reduces levels of bad LDL cholesterol.


The exercise I recommend is one that uses multiple groups of muscles at the same time and can be performed at home -HIIT. It is very time efficient as well as being highly effective in improving basic fitness,body tone, fat burning and muscle building – all in one.

High Intensity Interval Training (hit) is the best form of workout. Hit workouts can be performed safely by people of any age including middle aged and mature people. The specific workout I use has participants in the 70′s and works very well to tone up, burn fat and build muscle. As a beginner, use bodyweight exercises to both warm up and build your initial fitness level to a point where YOU are comfortable increasing the effort required and incorporating weights (no expensive equipment required).

This is assuming you have no weaknesses in joints or bones or any other medical issues that would conflict with the hit workout (weak knees / joints / serious heart conditions etc.)

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