A Beginner’s Guide to Jogging and Running

A Beginner’s Guide to Jogging and Running

Whether you’re jogging just to aid general fitness, or perhaps to lose weight, or you may want to compete in a particular event that you’ve seen, for this you need the right equipment. If you take yourself to a specialist running shop, they will probably help you in this. One of the most important pieces of equipment is your running shoes. You’ll find that the running shoe itself has got an awful lot of cushioning to it, especially around the heel and the heel cup.

This will help absorb the impact of your weight when you’re hitting the ground. After years of running, your feet do all sorts of strange things, so running shoes and running advice from a running specialist shop may be important. You can also have your gait analyzed for a small fee from some of these shops. You may also want to go to a podiatrist, a foot specialist that is, if you have certain problems when you’re running, and your Achilles, your ankle may swell up, you may have problems with the underside of your foot. If you do have a pain, then you will need to see a specialist.

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Purchase A Running Watch

Another piece of important equipment is a running watch. You can buy these cheaply from jewelers or running shops, and all you really need, as well as the time on it, is a good stopwatch. This will let you know how long you’re out for. It may also beep at intervals to let you know how long you’re running for. It may beep every ten minutes or so.

Train, Don’t Strain

If you’re a beginner, you may want to follow the saying, ‘Train, don’t strain.’ You may have to start off with brisk walking before you start jogging, or it may be a combination of walking and jogging. Jog, and then walk. In general terms, a warm-up would dilate the blood vessels, make the muscles warm, and deliver blood to the muscles that are just about to be worked. Again, in general terms, it’s probably important to exercise about three times a week. So, start your jogging three times a week and perhaps build up. This will build up depending on what you want to achieve, depending on your particular fitness, your size and build and what the body is going to be able to cope with.

Join A Running Shop

Your training program will be tailored to you and what you want to achieve. It may change depending on what your goals are and how you’re getting on. You may want to join a jogging club or a running club. This is probably a good idea because you will meet people like yourself and you will gain a training partner. And there also is a social aspect in some of these clubs. If you do join a club, remember they may partake in things like speed work.

This is probably not a great idea to start with because you have no base and this may cause your muscles to ache more than they should, again, depending on the particular training program that you’re working on. Start off and set your goals fairly low because if you do want to compete and you do want to finish a particular event, remember you’re just starting out and it’s going to be a learning process all the time. On the whole, runners and joggers are friendly people and they will be able to help you and give you advice. Good luck, and happy jogging.

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