Essential Oils for Beard Growth

Essential Oils for Beard Growth

Beards in men define their faces. Men’s grooming is becoming popular now with the beard being the most important part of grooming. Men love having a dense beard and want to grow it out. Numerous beard enhancer solutions are now available in the market. Bit these makeup products can only aid you to a certain extent, and if you don’t have naturally thick beard, you’ll be left with a scanty beard after you remove your makeup, making us feel insecure. You can have a thick, beautiful beard with the help of natural oils such as tea tree oil, cashew oil, cedar wood oil, and many more. Essential oils have hair-growth properties and are very high in nutrients and minerals, which help form hair follicles that will lead to beard growth. This will help in beard stimulation and provide the nourishment required for your face. These are cost-effective as you only need a few drops that you will mix with a carrier oil to apply to your beard.

Best Essential Oils for Beard Growth

Rosemary Essential Oils

Rosemary is one of the best essential oils which you can use for beard growth. Rosemary oil promotes hair growth by boosting hair density. Applying this oil thickens your beard and promotes new hair growth. It aids in the healing of damaged pores, allowing the new beard hair to grow. A blend of this oil with vitamin E’ works very well for beard’.

Thyme Essential Oils

Thyme oil nurtures the hair strand by increasing blood circulation and stimulating hair growth. When blood flow is increased, nutrients are transported to the hair follicles, and hair growth is promoted. The hair follicles are nourished. Combine this oil with any suitable carrier oil like argan oil or apricot oil and use it on your beard area.

Tea Tree Essential Oils

Using tea tree oil for beard stimulates beard growth and thickness. It builds a moisturizing barrier for follicular and cellular health. In addition to providing beard growth benefits, this oil will help treat acne, remove bacteria buildup from beard and skin and make your skin look healthy. Tea tree oil can be applied to your beard and face after dilution.

Peppermint Essential Oils

Peppermint oil has properties to improve hair growth, and its antimicrobial and antibacterial prevents infection. This essential oil makes hair strands stronger. The minty scent of this oil has a good impact on your mood besides helping in beard growth. Peppermint oil improves blood circulation and stimulates beard follicles. This oil exfoliates the skin and removes oil buildup.

Hibiscus Essential Oils

Hibiscus oil is very rich in amino acids and fatty acids, which are essential for developing keratin, the hair protein. Hibiscus essential oil helps in the growth of the beard and also conditions it. This prevents the hair follicles from getting damaged by external factors. Hibiscus essential oil stimulates the growth of the hair strands by improving blood circulation. It gives you thicker hair strands and a dense beard in regular use.


Essential oils are a natural cure for men wanting to have a good thick beard. It is a plant-derived oil that is rich in certain vitamins and fatty acids that gives proper nourishment to the skin and beard. The above-listed essential oils are best to consider when growing out the beard. Still, it is important to note that essential oils are concentrated, so they should not be applied directly and always be diluted with carrier oils. Besides beard stimulation, these oils also provide perfect skin care for men. In case of confusion, a doctor’s opinion on using an essential oil on your beard is the best.

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