Professional carpet cleaning tips to make your DIY task easier

Professional carpet cleaning tips to make your DIY task easier

Carpet must be cleaned with the right cleaning products. If you do not use the right product on a carpet the result can be disastrous. Each and every carpet requires the right care and maintenance. Professionals suggest weekly cleaning of carpets to maintain cleanliness and hygiene. When there is a spillage or you come across a stain then you must swing into action immediately. You may even need professional help in such condition to save your prized and expensive carpet cleaning. The indoor air quality of your home invariably deteriorates when dirt and dust accumulate in your home. Dust and dirt build-ups invite dust mites in your home. Moreover, there are allergens, germs, harmful bacteria, microbes and other contaminants that infest your home. These harmful, disease-causing agents get a comfortable home in your carpet fiber where they can thrive easily. Exposure to these harmful elements may lead to chronic health conditions like asthma, allergies and other breathing related issues. This kind of unhealthy condition prevailing in the indoors mostly affects children and elderly people.  

Vacuuming on the other hand proves helpful remove dust from carpets. However, a trained professional cleaner in north London says mere vacuuming never helps you getting rid of harmful bacteria, allergens, contaminants and other impurities from your home and carpet completely. Neither vacuuming alone can help you remove dirt and stains from your carpets completely. Therefore, let us explore few tried and tested carpet cleaning procedures that can help you maintain a clean, healthy and hygienic living condition in your home across the following sections of this blog post.

Set the correct height and pressure for vacuuming

While using a vacuum on a carpet or hardwood flooring usually it is set on a middle height. You must be careful not to set the vacuum height too low. Why? In that case the fibres of your carpet may get trapped inside the gadget. This damages both the carpet and the vacuum. Usually, the roller brush or the drive belt inside the gadget gets damaged in this circumstance. Similarly, you should not set the vacuum height too high either. That will not allow you to pick up dirt and dust build-ups from the carpet to clean it properly.

As far as finding the right height to set the vacuum is concerned there is an easy and simple solution. Make the vacuum fixed and then raise it to its highest setting. Then gradually keep lowering the setting until you feel the gadget is trying to jerk itself forward.  So, now you have found the right height for the vacuum.

Once you have set the gadget at the perfect height start vacuum clean your carpet from inside out. When you clean from inside to outside you completely remove the surface dirt. While cleaning over high traffic areas of a carpet you should make slow passes with your vacuum repeatedly. The same goes for a zone that is soiled and dirty. For rest of the carpet make quick passes with the vacuum. There is no need either to run the vacuum repeatedly on those areas either. While cleaning a hardwood floor surface you should run quick passes of the vacuum.

Commercial grade equipment’s to spot clean carpets

Professional cleaning companies rely on professional grade tools and equipment’s to clean your carpets. That is why they can provide satisfactory results. as such professional equipment’s and tools are more powerful and work much faster compared to the tools used mostly in households. Trained and skilled experts providing carpet cleaning in north London point out professional grade equipment’s evenly dispense cleaning solution on a carpet during every use. As a result, the cleaning solution reaches deep across the entire stained and soiled area. On the other hand, the powerful suction of the gadget removes the dirty water within seconds.

 The majority of consumers prefer hot water extraction method as the basic method to clean carpets. This is also called steam cleaning. It is important to note that this is not standard steam used in the procedure. This steam is actually the result of the solution of hot water with detergent under high pressure. If properly executed then hot water extraction is one of the best ways to clean carpets. It cleans the fibres of a carpet from deep inside and makes sure no soap residue is left behind after cleaning.

Machines to steam clean carpets DIY

This range of carpet cleaning machines comes at reasonable price. Thus, this is one of the most easily affordable options to clean carpets. If you can master the proper way of using this machine and invest sufficient time to clean carpets carefully then you will surely get splendid results. this procedure works out to anywhere between £40 and £70 for an entire home. This category of appliances comes with powerful jets and suction. Few improvised versions even come with a heating element. This ensures the water you use for cleaning your carpets remains hot. Before placing your order make sure to do some research. It will help you land on the most suitable product.

Choose your carpet cleaning detergents or shampoos wisely

You have to select the carpet shampoo or carpet cleaning detergent cautiously. If any proportion of the residual soap is left on the carpet, then the carpet easily attracts dirt and dust. In order to avoid this mess, you should use only the recommended amount of the cleaning product. As a matter of fact, lesser is always better in this context. And of course, before applying the shampoo you must vacuum the carpet carefully. It is also important to remove all furniture from the surroundings.

Be little cautious in using water

DIY carpet cleaning machines are known to put a huge quantity of moisture into carpets. The range of machines does not have suction powerful enough to pull the water out. Therefore, it is better to use water little cautiously while cleaning your carpet DIY at home. Experts suggest just make the first pass with both soap and water and then a second pass only with clean water. Otherwise, there will be too much moisture to deal with and finally you will have to tackle Mold warn experts working at Vip Carpet Cleaning London Ltd.

Precautionary measures

Before entering home, you should take off the shoes. Or at least you wipe the soles down on a door mat before crossing over the threshold. This is a tried and tested way to keep carpets clean. Thus, you keep germs and contaminants at bay. The environment in our home is healthy and hygienic.

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