Bitdefender Total Security – Few important things for you to know

Bitdefender Total Security – Few important things for you to know

Premium Security from Bitdefender is a popular antivirus software suite. It provides a wide range of and all-inclusive suite of security tools. But like most other identical services this one too turns out to be costly while subscribing online. Finding the more reasonably priced keys from third-party retailers is becoming increasingly harder. Premium Security is an batter choice when it comes to protection from malware. Providing protection from malware is obviously the basic expectation from any antivirus software application. Bitdefender Total Security fulfils that expectation to a praiseworthy limit. On the flip side malware protection that it provides is not better than or even as good as some of its richly equipped competitors McAfee for example. The service is neither as reasonably priced as GData and Avast One Essential offers anti malware solutions absolutely free.

Bitdefender Total Security is a antivirus software that comes with a large number of bells and whistles. You must be aware that products like McAfee+ Advanced and Norton 360 Deluxe offer additional features like remedy for identity theft and online backup. But for these additional services the cost of both Norton and McAfee is also much higher points out a cyber security expert working on Bitdefender Total Security for Android.

Pricing factor

If you subscribe to Bitdefender Premium Security for 10 devices, that costs you around £94. However when you are subscribing the first time the introductory price is nearly £40. Compared to the prices of other antivirus publishers these prices are never reasonable. If you want to enjoy reasonable cost for Bitdefender then first you must turn off automatic renewal. Then buy the subscription from a shop. That way you catch a better deal.

Performance in malware detection

When malware detection is concerned, Bitdefender secured 100% rating. The malware detection engine of Bitdefender is a good performed in the tests. But it is important mentioning that the brand’s Premium Security has not been categorically tested. Only the Bitdefender Internet Security has been tested thoroughly. What is the difference between the two – Bitdefender Premium Security and Bitdefender Internet Security? Premium Security protects more of your devices in one hand while on the other provides support for Android, macOS and iOS devices. Moreover it comes with a VPN and a password manager.

According to a cyber security expert who worked 3 years on Bitdefender Total Security says the antivirus has impressive ratings in various tests. For example SELabs rated it 99% and AV Comparatives gave it 99.7% in protection rating. 

Features at a glance

  • The product is packed with a lot of security features.
  • You require an online account to use the antivirus.
  • It includes a rebranded Hotspot Shield VPN

You must have a Bitdefender account to use the antivirus software. Most of the other antivirus brands do not ask you for creating an account. But Bitdefender does it because for a reason. Bitdefender’s management and deployment interface is based on cloud technology. As such it is not possible to enjoy multiple active products on a single account. Its main dashboard provides users with ample recommendations to boost system security. The dashboard even issues recommendations for fast access to the malware scanner. The scanner for malware detection is an on-demand scanner. The Premium Security subscription includes a rebranded Hotspot Shield VPN although it is installed separately in your system. 

You can find the significant lot of core features of the antivirus shield under the tab named Protection. Core features that are under the Protection tab include the following –

  • An anti spam tool (that is meant for local e-Mail clients)
  • A firewall (which is more reliable than the Windows’ in-built one)
  • Different modules that defend malware entry into your system
  • Ransomware remediation tools
  • Vulnerability scanners and
  • The SafePay sandboxed browser (to make your online banking and payment activities absolutely secure)

An expert who works on Bitdefender Total Security for macOS says ransomware protection is no more provided by default. This is a good improvement in a way. Now that the feature is not allowed by default so you have to set it up on your own. Once the software installation is over it prompts you to set up ransomware protection. In easier words making this effort is worth indeed. The ransomware protection tool is quite reliable and it does a thorough job. It maintains backup of a number of your key folders. The folders include documents, videos, pictures and others. These folders are also kept under protection. It is important that no programmed that Bitdefender does not recognize can change these folders.

In the ransomware remediation setting it is possible to white-list applications. You find this feature under the Protection tab. You are also allowed to manually restore backups here. It is even possible to enable or disable automatic restoration of files if encrypted by ransomware. It is essential to say a few words about the firewall settings. In the opinion of a cyber security expert who worked 2 years on Bitdefender Total Security says Firewall settings prove to be an impressive balance between security and user friendliness.

The firewall has a list of rules to make searches easily. It also focuses on per-application access rules that prove friendly for users. But you can also set broad rules based on the port or IP address. The Privacy tab contains the following features –

  • Protection for both webcam and microphone
  • Secure delete
  • Encryption
  • Parental control and
  • A password manager

The parental control tool requires you create profiles for your children on the online cloud-based management system that Bitdefender offers.

The Utility tab contains the extras. Bitdefender extras include tools meant for clean up and optimising systems, anti-theft system and others. This anti-theft system is completely web based. It performs its task using resources of Bitdefender’s Central Device Management and tracking and wiping tools.

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