Bali Pass Trek: Complete Details

Bali Pass Trek: Complete Details


The Bali pass trek lies at an altitude of 16,200 ft, connecting har ki dun valley and Yamunotri valley. Bali pass trek takes 8 to 9 days to complete. This trek is truly for wanderlust and adventure lovers and offers you the view of majestic Garhwal Himalayas and high-altitude peaks like Bandar Poonch, swargarohini, and Kala nag. you get a glimpse of the mesmerising Himalayas from the Bali pass trek which is soul-fulfilling. the lush green meadows and the high-altitude small villages like osla and gangad village. Bali pass trek is an offbeat trek that is difficult to do but the view it offers is grander than any other trek in the Himalayas. The trek is tricky and steep sometimes so having a guide is helpful, indeed it is the most rewarding trek after crossing the pass. The gigantic view of the Garhwal Himalayas is breathtaking.

The trek starts from sankri village in Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand. The rugged terrain, twisting trail, and steep inclines are a challenge for trekkers who are willing to do the Bali pass trek.

The trail keeps changing landscapes every 4 to 5 hours. your hardship for the hike will pay you with the stunning views of the Himalayas. Bali pass trek is difficult to do and a perfect opportunity for thrill seekers. If you have prior trekking experience, it will be beneficial for you or you have to be in good fitness to pursue the Bali pass trek.

How to Execute?



You will be reaching Dehradun in the morning and joining your fellow trekkers at the pickup point at 6:30 in the morning. then you will be driven to sankri village which is the base camp for your trek to Bali pass. The distance to sankri village is 220 km and will be covered in 10 hours. You will witness majestic mountains, pine forests, and amazing scenery on your way to Sankri village. After reaching the village you will be staying in hotels for the night and have delicious food.


After an energetic breakfast, you will be driven to taluka, a 12 km drive through dense forest. from taluka, your trek will start and you will be on your feet for a further hike. From takula, you will be trekking to seema which is 12 km in distance and it will take 7 hours traversing through streams and deodar forests on rocky terrains. After crossing the stream you will be heading to Gangabad village and just beyond the village is your campsite. rest for the day in your tents and followed by dinner and the first night in camp.


Have breakfast early in the morning and start your trek early to devsu bugyal which is 10 km and takes 5 hours to complete. trek to devsu bugyal runs beside the supin river and gets steeper as you get close to devsu bugyal which is amidst the ruinsara forest. devsu bugyal is located at 3000 m and filled with wildflowers. reach the campsite and admire this wonderful location for the day.


Today you will trek further to ruinsara tal, the trek distance is 7 km which will be covered in 4 hours. After breakfast, trek on meadows around rhododendron flowers and capture the view of majestic Himalayan peaks from very close. The lake is situated at an altitude of 3200 m. set your camp at the campsite and explore the splendid surroundings of ruinsara tal.


Trek to odari on day 5, a short trek of 4 km and takes 3 hours. There are many descents on every turn. odari offers the view of swaroghini peaks and a glimpse of Bali pass. set your camps and make yourself lost in the mesmerising beauty of the Himalayas.


Head towards Bali col camp on day 6 which is 5 km and takes 6 hours. located at 15000 ft. walking on a mountain ridge and steep ascent till the campsite.


the most awaited day of your trek elevating at 16,200 ft. The trail will be steep and very tricky as you have to walk on snow. The trail will keep getting narrow as it reaches the summit. The 360-degree view from the top is worth the hardship, the grandeur Himalayas waving at you is stunning. After capturing the moment of Bali pass start the descent to lower dhami which is an extremely vertical decline, you need to be very careful. When the trek gets horizontal and easy to walk, you are near your campsite. rest for the day in your camps.


Trek to Janki Chatti, a 5-hour trek. from where you will be driven to Dehradun 170 km which takes 7 hours.

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