Apps That Will Help You Meet Your Learning Goals

Apps That Will Help You Meet Your Learning Goals

Tech advancement has truly altered the way students today approach the sphere of education and everything that’s a part of it. With access to a large range of both desktop and mobile apps, the digital classroom is a far cry, even from the one that was present some five to six years ago as well.

Hence, it ultimately depends on a student picking the right educational app that eases the stress and pressure of the academic year ahead. What most of these apps require is a robust yet reliable internet service like AT&T Internet, which ensures that you enjoy a glitch-free network connection at all times!

Whether it is completing daily or weekly class assignments, gaining/retaining general knowledge, or simply looking for various ways to improve your learning, productivity, or organizational outcomes, we got you covered! Let’s take a look at some essential school apps that will elevate your learning goals to the next level:

Google Office Suite

One suite that should be considered a must-have for all students is the one offered by Google. While it is next to impossible for any student to not be familiar with this, what makes the Google Office Suite stand out is that students can work both online and off on this suite. Similar to MS Office in both interface and functionality, it offers an entire office suite that comprises some of the simplest apps that you will ever come across! The perfect alternative to MS Office, if the former isn’t working on your laptop or any other smart device, then you can give Google Office Suite a try. The best part is it’s synchronized with your email and provides around 15 GB of storage that’s free! Perfect for students and professionals alike.

Hostel World

Let the app Hostel World provide you with cost-effective options that don’t break the bank! This is a highly useful app especially if you have been on the lookout for something pocket-friendly, then give this app a try! What makes it super useful is that the app helps students locate a plethora of options for accommodation that are not just safe but are quite affordable as well – no matter which part of the city you select your housing! One thing that you must always check is if all such housing options offer free WIFI as part of their offer. If not, try the various wireless deals offered by optimum that are pocket-friendly as well! Just make sure that you are located in an Altice-friendly city and you are good to go!

Tomato Timer

Are you tired of your procrastination habit and are always trying out different strategies to curb this bad habit? Why not try TomatoTimer, which ensures that you accomplish all your tasks on time without wasting a single minute? The best part is that you can also time yourself and find out how much time is being wasted on useless tasks and activities. Using the ‘Pomodoro technique’, all students have to do is set up a timer for a certain number of minutes, (for example 25 minutes) and then see how much time and effort they can put into their current task at hand. If you successfully put in 100 percent for the set time without thinking or getting a break, you can repeat the method, until your brain gets used to the method.

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Interested in using flashcards but don’t want to go through the hassle of purchasing the paper ones, now and then? Well then, no worries for we think that you will enjoy this app. Anki is a fantastic flashcard-based app that allows digital users to save incredible amounts of data. Not only are these cost-effective but you are also saved from the trouble of keeping your paper flashcards safe for a long time! Whether you are an undergrad or thinking of selecting your electives for med school, Anki is the perfect alternative to the traditional flashcard as it not only protects your academic data easily but can be far more accommodating than your usual conventional options.


No matter who you are, if you are involved in anything, that remotely spells ‘writing’ or ‘writer’, chances are you know about Grammarly. One of the few apps that came and conquered all (well, the writing world, at least), this is one nifty mobile and desktop app that also comes as a widget for multiple platforms as well. One of the superstar apps that we have on this list, what makes it super popular in the world today is the fact that no matter what you plan to write: emails, Skype chats, daily reports, resume material, or your next sociology assignment, Grammarly ensures that your written stuff is a hundred percent accurate and utterly correct. In case, if the program does find an error in your work, the word or phrase is highlighted in red while simultaneously providing you with various suggestions, so that you can fix it accordingly.


This is one tool that all college students should immediately download on their smart devices for it’s great if you enjoy scribbling idea maps in your lined journal. Ideal for those light bulb moments, when the most eclectic ideas randomly strike you, using this visualization drawing tool can help clarify concepts and notes. Even though it comes with a free version, it is an app that you can use beyond, even after college gets over. The premium subscription costs somewhere around $12.49 annually. So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on this app today!

Wrapping It Up

So there you go! You may already be using some of the apps mentioned below but if you aren’t, why not download them and give them a try? The right kind of tools will simplify your life as they ease the hustle and bustle of daily life. So no matter what your focus is, we hope that you find our list of educational apps pretty useful.

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