6 Beautiful Autumn Wedding Invitations

6 Beautiful Autumn Wedding Invitations

Autumn weddings are becoming more popular, and it’s easy to see why when you consider the riot of color, the cooler weather, and the off-peak prices that come with the season. Sending custom wedding invitations with an autumnal theme to all of your loved ones will let your guests know that you will fully embrace this wonderful season on your big day if you’re one of the growing numbers of couples planning a fall celebration.

While the majority of wedding invitations can be used all year round, we have compiled a list of invitations that were inspired by autumn and featured all of its best features, including vibrant pinks, crisp oranges and yellows, and in-season floral invite designs. Whether you want a contemporary, traditional, or purely romantic wedding invitation, we have what you need. It’s time to start anticipating your autumnal nuptials and to inform your guests that you’re organizing the wedding of the year.

Falling Foliage

Falling Foliage: An Autumn Invitation Design.

We’ve started with one of our most well-liked templates to introduce our list of the best fall wedding invitations. With its gorgeous combination of rustic orange and soft pink, it’s easy to understand why this invitation is so well-liked by couples getting married in the autumn. Your guests won’t even need to look at the date to know you’re planning a celebration in the autumn because of the falling leaf design, which gives it a distinct fall vibe. The matching, personalized wedding menus will complement your autumn-inspired table floral arrangements beautifully and bring a touch of rustic beauty to your wedding day. The personalized place cards from this design suite will add all the color and vibrancy required to astound your guests, negating the need for pricey place setting décor.

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Seasonal Floral Round

A fall invitation style called “Autumn Floral Round.”.

This wedding invitation combines the best of both worlds with a romantic floral wreath painted in fall-inspired colors. This is distinct from the spring and summer floral wreaths, which use lighter pinks and blues, and it still carries the romantic and whimsical vibe that floral wreath invitations are so well-known for. It will let your guests know that you will be celebrating your love amidst nature. This wedding invitation is ideal for the couple planning an autumnal wedding surrounded by natural beauty, whether that’s in a country manor or your own backyard.

Red Over Orange

“Red on Orange,” a fall invitation design.

This invitation is ideal if you want a classic wedding invitation with elegant cursive typography and a distinctly autumnal feel. This invitation is vivacious and bold, not for the timid, with a strong red border on a softer orange card. Among their collection of white and pastel-colored invitations, it will undoubtedly stand out on your guests’ pinboards, making them eager to learn more about your other wedding day plans. With such a risky invitation, we have no doubt that you have some thrilling surprises up your sleeve.

Sloane Squares

Sloane Square, an autumnal invitation design.

This modern art invitation can be used all year round, but it’s especially lovely if you’re organizing an autumnal wedding with any of these hues. It is ideal for the couple looking for an understated design but who also loves modern and contemporary art because it has a more subtle connection to fall than some of our other autumn wedding invitations. To truly tie the day together and give the wedding stationery a cohesive look, make sure you stick with this pattern throughout the entire collection.

Deco orange

“Deco orange” is the name of a fall-themed invitation design.

A burnt orange border and large, bold initials add excitement to a sharp, straightforward wedding invitation. Although this isn’t as obviously autumnal as some of our other wedding invitation designs, it would still work for a fall wedding. The invitation has a colorful border that makes it stand out, and the cursive cartography gives it a traditional appearance. 

This design might be ideal for you if you’re searching for a traditional wedding stationery suite with a special “je ne sais quoi.”. This invitation straddles the line between classic and contemporary perfectly. It is bold enough to let guests know that you will be embracing the fall color palette but not too vibrant to shock elderly relatives. This is the one for you if you want your wedding to have a similar atmosphere.

Rustic Hearts

A “Rustic Hearts” Autumn Invitation Design.

This autumnal and romantic wedding invitation makes it clear to your guests that your big day will be all about love. Keep the heart and rustic orange design throughout your wedding stationery suite, which includes personalized place cards, ceremony booklets, and menus, to really make your special day stand out. Who knows, maybe your single friends will find luck in the display of love and hearts after all; after all, they do say that love breeds love.
If our selection of autumnal wedding invitations hasn’t been able to help you find the perfect fit, browse through the rest of our collection.

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